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Vintage wedding invitation

Nothing says romantic at a wedding quite as well as a “vintage” theme. Maybe it is the memories of wedding photos in black and white; or the possibility of what once worked for them could also work for me. It could be the pearls, the diamonds and the precious stones that symbolize beauty and endurance. Or it could be the delicacy of the lace that speaks of fragility and care.

Whatever it is, we love the look of a vintage wedding invitation. This theme can be represented in so many different ways and each time we are amazed at how well it works. Colours that go well with this theme are cream, pearl and dusty pink and a combination of these always seem to display this theme without having to say much. 

In this time that we live in and the modern city of Johannesburg, it definitely helps all of us to sit back and relax and enjoy the slow-paced remembrance of the past at a wedding.Vintage