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Save the Date Wedding Invitations

Save the Date Wedding Invitations – Order Yours Now

If your wedding is approaching and you want your guests to save the date, having eye catching wedding invitations designed and created for your special day, is just the way to go about it. Of course every couple will be excited about their wedding, but it is up to you to grab the attention of your guest and have them just as eager to attend. Many couples are looking for an invitation that is classy, but also fun. Incorporating bits of each other’s personalities into the invite will be a great way to show your guests how you celebrate each other and look forward to spend a lifetime doing so. Finding balance in your wedding invitation design is something for the professionals to assist with.

At Africa iDo we are experts in the field of interesting wedding invitations. Whether you are looking for something understated and traditional or something loud and unconventional – we are the team to assist. We make use of the best quality papers, board and accessories that will leave your guests feeling like royalty being invited to an event of note.

A wedding invitation should contain the following details for your guests to refer to:

  • The announcement of your wedding (sometimes a fun intro to the couple is a nice touch).
  • The date and time of the wedding.
  • The venue details of the wedding (remember to include an address, map and contact number for those who are travelling from far and might need accommodation).
  • RSVP details. You may have someone handing your RSVP list – ensure that person’s details are made available.
  • Gift registry details if you have one.
  • Dress / attire details. Some of your guests might not enjoying wearing a suit to a casual wedding, so make sure that your theme and the overall feel of your wedding is mentioned.

These are general details to include, but you are not limited to this.

Working closely with your wedding invitation designer should be fun. After all you are setting the scene of your special day so make sure that the team you are working with understands you and will be able to bring your desires and creative aspirations to life.

Remember that there are different types and styles of paper to choose from and of course you can include various other interesting elements such as buckles, diamantes, feathers, ribbon, pearls and so on. Make enquiries about these and try to have a look at a variety of other invitations out there, just so that you can see what you like and what you don’t, before the actual design work begins. On our website we have a variety of images for you to look through - this will help to make the process of finding out what you really like, easier.

At Africa iDo we have a wide range of options and possibilities for you. We look forward to working closely with you and know that once receiving your save the date wedding invitations, your guests will have a day to look forward to, too.