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Wedding Invitations Johannesburg

Are you getting married in 2017?
Africa iDo has the perfect wedding invitation waiting for you. We offer a custom design service to create a unique wedding invitation for your special day. Wether you need electronic invitations like a wedding website or an e-invite, or a traditional hard copy invite, you will find the perfect wedding card at Africa iDo. From laser cut wedding invites to standard pocket fold wedding cards, we can design it according to your specific wedding colours and theme. Give us a call today and we can arrange a free consultation session with one of our designers. We also offer a free personalized wedding invite sample. We would love to hear from you so contact us today!

Vintage wedding invitations

Online Electronic Wedding Invitations

Announce Your Special Day with Online Electronic Wedding Invitations

We live in a technologically advanced world where everything is accessible at the click of a button. Email, instant messaging and various social networking sites totally eliminate the need for phone calls and old fashioned postage and snail mail as it is often referred to. If you are a couple that are living a modern lifestyle, why not join the online world and invest in online electronic wedding invitations. Save paper, save time, save money and have the exact design you want with electronic invites – all the more reason to feel better about your upcoming special union.   

At Africa iDo, we specialise in both electronic and print invitations for your wedding day. Our professional and experienced designers will ensure that you have a range of options to choose from. We offer to design and publish a personalised wedding website for you as well as a host of other options including email invitations, “save-the-date” emailers, power point slide shows and even a mobile application to assist with the planning of your wedding. We offer our clients the convenience of an effortless and seamless invitation process and also ensure that there are a variety of on-screen options to choose from when looking for a template or design for your unique invites.

With our assistance at Africa iDo you can expect to be able to present your guests with a wedding invite that will simply take their breath away. With a little work on our side we can incorporate special features and accents to ensure that the invitation sent out captures the essence of both you and your partner – something every couple wants to do. We focus on important elements when creating your invites such as style, theme, colour, personality and a design that fits in with all of these.

In addition to our online electronic wedding invitations we can also assist you with the design and printing of menus, thank you cards, seating plans, table numbers, name placement cards, and much more. We are located in Weltevredenpark in Johannesburg, Gauteng, but our services are not limited to this area. We can provide our services locally, nationally and internationally too. Simply let us know what your requirements are and we will attend to them to the best of our ability.

Prices on our design services vary according to the amount of work required, but we can work closely with you and take your available budget constraints into consideration. The Africa iDo team understands just how stressful wedding planning can be and it is our goal to ensure that some of the burden is lifted from your shoulders while we work hard to present you with a set of invitation options that cater to your specific personality and needs.  

If you are looking for a range of online electronic wedding invitations to consider for your special day, waste no more time. Browse through our collection of options and contact us with your requirements so that we can present you with a quotation that you will be sure to love! Make your day even more special with the help of the Africa iDo team. 

Vintage wedding invitation

Nothing says romantic at a wedding quite as well as a “vintage” theme. Maybe it is the memories of wedding photos in black and white; or the possibility of what once worked for them could also work for me. It could be the pearls, the diamonds and the precious stones that symbolize beauty and endurance. Or it could be the delicacy of the lace that speaks of fragility and care.

Whatever it is, we love the look of a vintage wedding invitation. This theme can be represented in so many different ways and each time we are amazed at how well it works. Colours that go well with this theme are cream, pearl and dusty pink and a combination of these always seem to display this theme without having to say much. 

In this time that we live in and the modern city of Johannesburg, it definitely helps all of us to sit back and relax and enjoy the slow-paced remembrance of the past at a wedding.Vintage

Traditional Wedding Invitations

Designing Traditional Wedding Invitations

Getting married, tying the knot, exchanging vows, whatever you might call it, making this lifelong commitment to your partner is an exciting time. It is the moment where you agree to become one and enjoy a life together in happiness. While the dress, catering and venue are important, the first encounter your friends and family will have with your wedding will be that of your invitations. Traditional wedding invitations are elegant, classy and interesting to the recipient. Of course this does not mean that if you want something that is traditional that you have to compromise on personality and spunk.

With the help of professional and creative individuals in the field, you can enjoy traditional wedding invitations that are as classy as they are fun and interesting and at Africa iDo, we are eager to take on this challenge with you. A stylish wedding day is just around the corner and you want to give your guests enough time to prepare so as soon as you have set a date, start looking around for the stationery that will set the theme of your wedding. Not all weddings are themed, but there is often a colour scheme or general flair you would like for your day to have and that should certainly come through on your invitations.

At Africa iDo we encourage you to make an appointment to see one of our consultants. We are situated in Weltevredenpark in Johannesburg, but this does not mean that you have to be in the area to make use of our professional services. We offer our design services on a local, national and international basis which means that as long as you have email and a phone, we can get the process started with you.

Our website has a number of pictures of some great designs and invitations that we have done in the past which will give you a great ideal of the type of service and end product that we are able to offer you. It is our aim to help you to create something unique that you can remember your wedding day by, and that captures both you and your partner perfectly. There are various basic folds that you can choose from which can be customised to your heart’s content. Our general pricing guide will have you advised that you can expect to pay between R25 and R65 per invite, depending on what you want done and how much work is involved. Of course we can work according to your budget, so let us know what you want to spend and our team will get to work on some solutions for you.

Of course, there are always little bits and pieces that can be added to make your invitation extra special such as ribbons, diamante’s, pearls, feathers, buckles and so on. If you have something special in mind, let us know and we will work with you on developing your idea with you.

When looking for a designer and supplier or simply breathtaking traditional wedding invitations, look no further than to Africa iDo. We are the team that will make your wedding day one that your guests will look forward to. 

Save the Date Invitations

Announce Your Special Day with Save the Date Wedding Invitations

The only way to ensure that your guests save the date and remember it is by having wedding invitations that don’t only capture the eye, but capture their attention too. As your special day approaches, chances are that stress and tension levels will be high, but now is not the time to fret. There is so much to do and so little time that the bride has to gather her nerves and start making decisions. One of the first decisions you will need to make after setting the date is what your invitations will look like. Are you looking for something classy and elegant or is your wedding going to be relaxed and fun?

Your wedding is a celebration of love and of each other and your wedding invitations should portray that message. You need to find some sort of balance that also incorporates the essence of both you and your partner. At Africa iDo you can expect to be assisted by professionals who are experienced in designing and creating invitations of distinction. After receiving your invitation, your guests will feel special to have been invited and will be eagerly looking forward to attending the event.

We pride ourselves on making use of paper that is of a very high quality. We also make use of top quality boards and accessories that will accent your invitation perfectly.

There are a few things that you will need to include on your wedding invitation and obviously the amount of information you plan to include will affect the size of the invite as well as the design. First and foremost your invitation is an announcement of your love and intention to marry. The date, time and venue must also be included. Make sure that there are simple driving directions for them to follow or at least include a map and a contact number for the venue, just in case some of your guests don’t know how to get there.

Next you will need to decide who will be handling your RSVPs. Make sure that a contact person is specified so that you can tally up the total number of guests you will have attending. This is vital for catering and décor purposes. Include details for your gift registry or what type of gifts you will be accepting on your invitation too. Your guests will want to spoil you – let them! Making a note of what type of attire your guests should wear is also a good idea. You don’t want your friends arriving in suits and evening wear if you’re planning a really relaxed event. Of course you can include anything you want on your invitation, but these are the general guidelines that most couples follow.

If you want to have the very best invitation that brings a smile to your face and has you and your guests excited about your special day, then take the time to work closely with a designer. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the design, but you will find that those experienced in the field will be able to create exactly what you want with relative ease and without the prices getting too high. Tell all your guests to save the date with some creative flair with exceptional wedding invitations from Africa iDo.